Updating bot settings

The settings endpoint provides a way for you to opt in/out of Poe's features enabling you to customize the behavior of the bot. This article will describe how you can get Poe to fetch the latest settings from your bot.

1. Set up your endpoint as described by the specs

If you are using the fastapi_poe library, then you just need to implement the get_settings method in the PoeBot class. The following is an example:

async def get_settings(self, setting: fp.SettingsRequest) -> fp.SettingsResponse:
    return fp.SettingsResponse(allow_attachments=True)

2. Get your access key

You can find this key by going to the bot page and clicking the gear icon.

3. Make a post request to Poe's refetch settings endpoint with your bot name and access key.

On Windows, you can use the Invoke-RestMethod command. On a Macbook or Linux machine, you can use the curl command as follows:

curl -X POST https://api.poe.com/bot/fetch_settings/<botname>/<access_key>

That's it. The response to the above request will inform you whether the updated successfully.