Added sender_id Field in ProtocolMessage

  • Added an additional field sender_id in ProtocolMessage. This is intended to help bot creators differentiate between who sent a particular message, which is useful in a multi-bot chat.

Support for Multi Bot Chat

  • Added enable_multi_bot_chat_prompting setting (defaults to False), which if enabled, will have Poe combine previous chat history into a single message with special prompting so that the current bot will have sufficient context about a multi bot chat.
  • The timeout for bot messages has been increased from 120s -> 600s.

Support for Sending Text/Image Attachment Content

  • Added expand_text_attachments and enable_image_comprehension settings to request parsed content/descriptions from text and image attachments with the query request. This content is sent through the new parsed_content field in the attachment dictionary. This change makes enabling file uploads much simpler.
  • Added the enforce_author_role_alternation setting. If enabled, Poe will concatenate messages so that they follow role alternation, which is a requirement for certain LLM providers like Anthropic.