How to get distribution

Distribution within Poe

In order for a bot to be recommended to other users by Poe, it needs to have a profile picture and a description. You can edit these on the Edit bot screen. The more likely people are to use your bot and continue to use it over time, the more likely Poe will be to recommend it.

Distribution outside Poe

Your bot will be available to everyone at<handle>. You can recommend your bot to your friends or followers on other platforms by sharing the link, or by telling them to go to Poe and search for the bot's handle. The more people you drive to your bot from outside of Poe, the more likely Poe will be to recommend it on-platform.

Official bot status

If you are providing a bot with an established brand, for example if you are hosting inference of a specific open source model, or if you have a company incorporated with a registered trademark, we can consider marking your bot as official. This process will include signing a contract with Poe that provides some additional guarantees around treatment of user data and reliability. Let us know if you are interested at [email protected].