Recommended bot settings

There are various settings that can be applied to your bot. For the best user experience we recommend turning on the following settings for your bot:

  • enable_multi_bot_chat_prompting=True: This will automatically apply some prompting to make sure your bots respond appropriately when there are multiple bots in the chat.
    • We recommend turning this on for all bots as long as they don’t rely on the conversation history having specific formatting.
    • This may cause two human messages to appear consecutively though; if that’s an issue, you can turn on enforce_author_role_alternation to automatically handle this.
  • allow_attachments=True: Turn on attachments for your bot
    • For text attachments, this will by default parse the text attachment and include it in the prompt (since expand_text_attachments=True by default)
  • Recommend turning on for all text-based bots without native vision capabilities:
    • enable_image_comprehension=True: Poe converts images into text prompts using a vision model
      • You should enable this for models which doesn’t support multimodality yet.