Rendering an image in the response

The Poe API allows you to embed images in your bot's response using Markdown syntax. The following is an example implementation describing a bot that returns a static response containing an image.

from typing import AsyncIterable
from modal import Image, Stub, asgi_app
import fastapi_poe as fp


class SampleImageResponseBot(fp.PoeBot):
    async def get_response(
        self, request: fp.QueryRequest
    ) -> AsyncIterable[fp.PartialResponse]:
        yield fp.PartialResponse(text=f"This is a test image. ![leopard]({IMAGE_URL})")
REQUIREMENTS = ["fastapi-poe==0.0.36"]
image = Image.debian_slim().pip_install(*REQUIREMENTS)
stub = Stub("image-response-poe")

def fastapi_app():
    bot = SampleImageResponseBot()
    app = fp.make_app(bot, allow_without_key=True)
    return app

In order to run this code, you will need to setup Modal. For that, please follow Steps 1 and 2 in our Quick start. If you already have Modal set up, simply run modal deploy Modal will then deploy your bot server to the cloud and output the server url. Use that url when creating a server bot on Poe.

The following is what the response looks like for someone using the above described bot.