Sending files with your response

The Poe API allows you to send attachments with your bot response. When using the fastapi_poe library, send file attachments with your bot response by calling post_message_attachment within the get_response function of your bot.

async def post_message_attachment(
    message_id: Optional[Identifier] = None,
    download_url: Optional[str] = None,
    file_data: Optional[Union[bytes, BinaryIO]] = None,
    filename: Optional[str] = None,
    content_type: Optional[str] = None,
    is_inline: bool = False,
) -> AttachmentUploadResponse:


  • message_id - the message id associated with the currentQueryRequest object being processed. Important: This must be the request that is currently being handled by get_response. Attempting to attach files to previously handled requests will fail.

Additionally, the following must be provided

  • download_url - provide a url to a file that will be attached to the message.


  • file_data - the contents of the file to be uploaded. This should be a bytes-like or file object.
  • filename - the name of the file to be attached.


In this example, the bot will take the input from the user, write it into a text file, and attach that text file in the response to the user. Copy the following code into a file called (you can pick any name but the deployment commands that follow assume that this is the file name). Change the access_key stub with your actual key that you can generate on the create bot page.

from __future__ import annotations
from typing import AsyncIterable
import fastapi_poe as fp
from modal import Image, Stub, asgi_app

class AttachmentOutputDemoBot(fp.PoeBot):
    async def get_response(
        self, request: fp.QueryRequest
    ) -> AsyncIterable[fp.PartialResponse]:
        await self.post_message_attachment(
           message_id=request.message_id, file_data=request.query[-1].content, filename="dummy.txt"
        yield fp.PartialResponse(text=f"Attached a text file containing your last message.")

REQUIREMENTS = ["fastapi-poe==0.0.36"]
image = Image.debian_slim().pip_install(*REQUIREMENTS)
stub = Stub("attachment-output-demo")

def fastapi_app():
    bot = AttachmentOutputDemoBot(access_key="<put your access key here>")
    app = fp.make_app(bot)
    return app

To learn how to setup Modal, please follow Steps 1 and 2 in our Quick start. If you already have Modal set up, simply run modal deploy Modal will then deploy your bot server to the cloud and output the server url. Use that url when creating a server bot on Poe.


  • The access_key should be the key associated with the bot sending the response. It can be found in the edit bot page.
  • It does not matter where post_message_attachment is called, as long as it is within the body of get_response. It can be called multiple times to attach multiple (up to 20) files.
  • A file should not be larger than 50mb.